Haakon’s New Rug

I brought Haakon out of his field and popped him in the paddock while Daisy was finishing up in the school with Kappi.  I wanted to try on his new rug on him.

Before we started fiddling about with buckles and straps, Haakon had a chat with Kappi who was just leaving, having just finished a strenuous work-out.  These two have a bit of history – all about the hierarchy in the herd when Haakon was boss. It wasn’t pretty – so it was nice to see them say a cheery hello.  I think Kappi is fed-up of the “kiddy factor” – Dreki and Efstur can be tiring.  All that ruddy giggling.

Anywho, I tried the rug on Haakon. It has a high neck, dart at the shoulder and some fairly firm straps.  I am in two minds to send it south to have everything changed so he can break his way out of it rather than get stuck.  I think I will give it a go like it is first and see what happens.

Haakon gave me his not-very-enthusiastic look like a child trying on school uniform for the first time. He hates rugs but they do keep the weight on when the weather is bad so he will just have to put up and shut up. I told him this while asking him not to wreck it either.

I put the old man back in his field and said hello to the others, finding some carrots about my person.

I also took with me a salt lick and attached it to the gate.  Sóley gave it her attention.

So, when the weather deteriorates, the rug will make an appearance.  It won’t be long the way we are going.

6 thoughts on “Haakon’s New Rug

  1. Ruth Watson

    I’d say that as long as you can get the surcingles snug enough that he can’t get caught in them – forget the talk about fitting a hand between them and the body – then it’s worth a try as it is.


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