Minion Update

These two are getting along fine now.  They have settled into their new routine and seem unpeturbed by the whole laminitis thing.

We remain vigilant, though.  No treats.  No nothing nice – just fibre and various potions.

We’ve been in constant contact with our farrier who advised us to “lower the heels, and bring the toe right back”.  Armed with our farrier kit, Daisy and I got to work.  First up Tiddles.

Little Miss Pepper was with us and I attached her to the end of two knotted together leadropes and tied her to a far gate in the enclosed little pen so she was safe.

And furious. She was definitely raging about being tied up in a stable.

But this was no place for a small Patterdale terrier puppy.

So I threw her some hoof trimmings and she quickly gave up her rant.  She was now happy and quiet.

Once finished and based on how they were, we decided to give Tiddles and Waffle the use of the bigger part of the stable to wander around in.

I think they will enjoy their new found freedom very much.

3 thoughts on “Minion Update

  1. diane in northern wis

    Thanks for the update on Tiddles and Waffle….glad you’re doing all you can to help them. Doesn’t Pepper look so cute in that first picture of her. Glad she quieted down for the sake of the two sickies.

  2. Sumiko Keay

    Glad the boys are becoming accustomed to their new routine!

    No laminitis for you Minions!! Not allowed.

    Pepper is so full of sass & character. She seems like a joy.


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