To Feed or Not To Feed (that is the croissant)!

It is always a tough one.  You have a field full of horses, the majority of whom are very fat but one needs feeding because he has a different metabolism. In my case this is Taktur, who is back in training, after a six week rest and using all his calories to maintain his gorgeous stallioness.


His three fat field-friends seem to live off fresh air, and like me, only have to look at an éclair before they put on weight.  I do understand.


So what to do? Taktur is back in training now and needs the extra food.  Bjørn, his trainer, said last night, that he wanted Taktur to have hay as well as daily hard feed.  Easy enough to say, but Taktur is not that keen on hay or eating by himself.  Last night, after training, he (Taktur, not Bjørn) threw his hay around and then left it.


Today, I stood beside Taktur keeping him company while he ate.  Obviously BeAnne helped too.  She likes this kind of work.


She likes to potter about, hoovering up anything she considers edible.


Taktur made the rookie mistake of sniffing her bum which resulted in instant reproachment.


He went back to the business of his hay net.  Much safer and far less spiky.


He did apologise for the errant sniff.


And BeAnne gave the apology her careful considered opinion, …..


…..thought about it some more, ….


(while Taktur continued with this eating thing)


and then she nodded off…..


….under the hay net!


Anywho, if you are fat and in one of my field, you are not getting fed.


No matter what.


Not even if you try eating your friends.  Thems are the Thordale Rules.


2 thoughts on “To Feed or Not To Feed (that is the croissant)!

  1. Suzy

    I must say I love your titles… and generally your sense of humour !
    Thank you for all these beautiful photos, for a French person it is quite fascinating 🙂
    A little stroke for the bebbies !

  2. Sam

    To feed or not to feed, that is the question. Whether it tis better to suffer the slings and sorrows of the fat ones or the indignities of the Takur on the subject of hay. In any case, it made me chuckle!


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