All they do is eat!

Two whole days of blissful sunshine.  Tomorrow is a gale and rain so I popped over to Sandness for some bebbie snogging.


Golly, they are delicious.  I just want to pop them down my jersey and take them all home – they won’t return to Thordale until I know I don’t have to go south again in the near future.  It is not fair to move them backwards and forwards every minute and we’ve broken the trailer ramp so, apart from squishing them into the car, which I am sure they would do perfectly happily, they are not going anywhere until the trailer is mended.


My latest time-wasting is to sit in their field and just take endless photos of them looking exceptionally cute and fluffy.  I have a talent for this.

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This is their new stable which is kept open in their field so they can pop in and out as they like.  Jo can also check them more easily and rush over if things don’t add up when she does a head count.


There is a great deal of eating going on all the time.  Ad lib hay as well as mare & foal mix, beet and chaff three times a day.  Their digestive systems are getting back to normal, which is a good sign.  I am still obsessed by their bowels (ever the nurse!)


A typical Thelwell pony photo.


So the fuzzies are doing well.   Endless eating is good and we are doing are very best for them.


Rumour from the shit telephone is that we only rescued these ponies for the publicity and the money.  I sincerely hope those spreading this crap have a rectal prolapse on a sandy beach.  We did it to save their lives.  End of.  That is what we do, have done and will do again.  It is never about the politics, it is about helping dying animals that have no voice.





14 thoughts on “All they do is eat!

  1. Jen Breese

    Oh good grief. There’s no money is rescue! That’s a ridiculous rumor to spread.
    They are lovely little guys. I am rooting for them. I’m so happy Thordale stepped up to help them out.

  2. Nicky Callam

    I can’t believe that anyone could read your posts and misinterpret your motives! Such comments reflect on them and not on you. Discard them – they are not worth your thoughts.

  3. Liz Reid

    Good grief! Having been there and done that, I know too well that we only rescue because we care, not for the money or the publicity. It’s one of the hardest things to do, taking a just breathing and walking skeleton and returning them to their true wellness. First few hours and it’s anger at who did it and tears for their pain; weeks later it’s hope that they are through the worst; six months later it’s good, they’ll make it with no lasting effects; while twelve months later it’s OMG! will you just look at that pony!

    Thank God for all the selfless, caring, generous people out there that suffer along with the animals they take on and care for. The world would definitely be a far worst place without them.

    Good on you and Jo, Frances. Don’t stop caring.

  4. TheDancingDonkey

    The small minded stupidity of some people never ceases to amaze. The other point these idiots seem to be missing is: so what?

    Even if you did rescue them for some other reason than kindheartedness (which I don’t believe for a moment), so what? If you saved them for the publicity, the end result is that their lives are saved and they have a good home. If you saved them because you care and it’s the right thing to do the end result is that their lives are saved and they have a good home. Either way, only a completely self-absorbed imbecile could find fault.

    Blow them off and keep up the good work. The bebbies are looking great!

  5. roberta

    maybe the ph’s should be more upity about the people who let them get that way…………
    By the way I don’t think sitting in a field taking endless photos is a waste of time………….I do it all the time.
    Roberta and the HERD (Lily, Fergus and Frazier)

  6. Mandy

    As well as a rectal prolapse on a sandy beach, I hope their next bowel movement is a hedgehog. Outrageous slurs.

    And I too don’t think sitting in a field taking pictures is a waste of time- it’s research, that’s what it is!


  7. Sam

    First, I ADORE your talent of time-wasting taking pony pictures! It makes me smile.

    As for the idiots who claim this was done to make money – I have a question?
    Do you foster? Do you stay up nights with a sick animal hoping and praying they take another breath? Do you support those who do foster? If the answer is “no” to any of these questions then I suggest YOU try living for a week in the conditions the Bebbies and other rescued ponies were in. Then we can talk!

  8. Vicki

    Sheesh, +1 to what Nicky Callum and all others have said. Although I don’t know that I’d wish hedgehoggish movements on anyone who is already so stuck in their own mire.

  9. Sarah Pape

    These stupid comments say more about them than about you. Chin up girl! Ignore the idiots. We love what you’re doing.


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