A spot of luck

OH and I took BeAnne and Loki for a walk on Sandness beach and then we popped by to see the bebbies.

The bebbies were enjoying the sun and were running about like fleas on a hotplate.  It was lovely to watch and we sat in the car just off the road encouraged at this playful activity.  That was until little Silver suddenly vanished out of sight.  He had fallen and was lying in a ditch halfway under the fence.  OH and I immediately jumped out of the car, clambered over the fence to try and free him.  Poor thing was completely stuck and not moving.  I straightened out his front legs, and then rolled him onto his stomach while OH grabbed him round his tummy to lift him up onto his feet.  Once righted, Silver walked off looking rather embarrassed, if filthy.


So we went on with the Meet n’ Greet and Jo appeared.  We decided then and there to move them over to a bigger park where they can exercise, play and eat.  It has a shed for shelter too.


So while Jo got their lunch mixed, I took some photos.

BN2A8848 BN2A8850 BN2A8851 BN2A8857 BN2A8860 BN2A8864 BN2A8867

You can see that they are barely bigger than Loki and/or a chicken!


Anyway, food is the way to their hearts and they devotedly followed Jo across the road to their new field.

BN2A8872 BN2A8883

They will be able to run about far more safely now and, although there is not much grass, they will continue to be fed three times a day with ad-lib hay too.  I noticed that their feeds are much bigger now and they enjoy every last morsel.


So here are some photos from today.  The bebbies are far more energetic but still don’t have the strength to get themselves out of trouble.  Silver was very lucky we turned up when we did but no harm done and, when the grass starts to grow, they will bounce about even more.

BN2A8906  BN2A8891BN2A8892

 BN2A8899BN2A8846  BN2A8907BN2A8908BN2A8910 

(and no matter how many bowls you have, it is still never enough!)




6 thoughts on “A spot of luck

  1. Cate

    Oh what beautiful faces, what cheeky looks they’ve got, dear little souls! but gosh, they’re still so thin, aren’t they, especially little Storm? Can’t wait to see them fill out like the rest of your lovely gang. 😀

  2. Linda

    Awww, great story – rescue of a rescue pony 😉 Poor little guy but he seems no worse for the wear.
    I love all their different coats! Storm has a little snow nosey; Silver has his ruddy silver coat and TorBjorn has a classic black look. Hope they like the new field. Please post a video for us soon!

  3. Rhonda Lane

    Thank goodness you were there when you were. I agree with Cate – Storm has a cheeky glint in his eye. 😉 Thanks for sharing photos of them so we can watch their progress.


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