Time Off

Bright and early our visitors arrive fresh off the boat tomorrow morning. The house is immaculate and I have cooked 3 different curries and a very British cake (Mary Berry’s Victoria sponge) – Floss did the icing.

As a reward for all our efforts, and because they must be checked daily, Flossie and I went to see the ladies at Sandness for some time out and relaxation.  We deserve this.

(you could eat your bloody supper of the floor if you wanted to – please don’t)

Fivla is looking very well.

Flossie checked her for “wellness”.  Fivla is Floss’ childhood pony (ride and drive) so now in my book Fivla is what is known as an SEP – Someone Else’s Problem – Flossie’s!

Lyra is also very “well” or well-rounded.

Lyra has given up her usual Summer feral behaviour, which is always tiresome, and now embraces life and anyone who turns up.

We don’t take carrots so this is a genuine happy-to-see you hug.

The old ladies could be found a little way up the huge field.

Vitamin has put on weight since being released from her enforced diet lifestyle with Fivla.

And I think it suits her. Being on a permanent diet to accompany her best friend, Fivla, has no doubt helped Vitamin but she is allowed to put on weight in the Summer. Everyone else does.

Delia is looking wonderful.

She is an old lady and Summer makes her happy.  That is all that matters.  She walks very freely and there is no stiffness.

We are all keeping a very close eye on Fivla and her weight.

It is a fine line and I can see that.

Come the winter, Fivla will have nothing extra but the contents of her hill field at Lyradale and she will have to share it with The Minions.

10 thoughts on “Time Off

  1. Margaret Robinson

    A question —– all little (and littler-than-that) ones seem to have big bellies, whilst even a 14.0 hands pony-size horse does not. Why the difference – body-structure, belly-structure or just good eating habits?

    1. Frances Post author

      Just the way they are built. A traditional island bred Shetland pony is very pot bellied. The way it is.

      1. Margaret Robinson

        Good to know the back story. They never look really fat (well, at least not most of the time), but ponies here tend to be one way or the other and if they’ve a “pot belly” it’s because they eat too much!

        Looking forward to seeing you all in October! MMR

        1. Margaret Robinson

          Interesting and I’ve just been learning a ton about these ponies. Personally, I think yours are close to perfect. The ones I seen around my part of California are certainly less in poundage and it may be just a thing that people in this state, in this area, have about having weight on any of their animals. “Thin” is definitely a California trend and not always the best way to go.

          I will be talking to a friend who used to raise ponies and find out what she has to say about the weight for ponies in this area. She’s quite out-spoken, so it will be interesting!

  2. The Green Dogs

    Fivla is looking very well which is lovely to see. My Blue Belle would be the spitting image for her if she didn’t have white hooves, but she’s just about the same weight at the moment. It’s great to see everyone happy and a bit round! 🙂

    1. Margaret Robinson

      I love this – a genuine conversation from others about ponies on their particular turf. Fascinating and certainly a learning experience for someone who owns one very lovable Quarter Horse and knows virtually nothing about ponies. However, the ones we see around here and it may be just this area, is that they’re not always with the heavy belly, unless preggers. I’ll have to talk to some of the people who have these ponies and enquire.

      I think I love the ones on the Island best! MMR


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