Victims! No Visitors!

Well, our visitors arrived hot off the ferry this morning.

A full English breakfast and then off to meet the ponios.

Yes, The Minions are trained to do selfies!

Then, off a-sight-seeing.

First off, down to Jarlshof – a prehistoric archaeological site described as “one of the most remarkable archaeological sites ever excavated in the British Isles”.

Everyone was suitable impressed and used words like “awesome”!

Afterwards, we went up to Sumburgh Head and, guess what, the puffins were still in residence, which was good as I thought they may have gone back out to sea by now.

I may have slightly gone over-board on the puffin photography.


I think we blew our visitors’ minds with the airport and the driving-over-the-runway scenario!

It is wonderful (and incredible) to meet folk who read the blog and came to Shetland because of it!

10 thoughts on “Victims! No Visitors!

  1. Sam

    For those of us who have never seen a puffin – take as many pictures as you wish!
    This post makes me want to buy a ticket from New York city to Scotland! Maybe next May.

  2. Nancy

    Me, too, thank YOU for taking so many puffin photos!!
    How did you get so close?! Do you have a really good zoom lens or are they used to having people watch them???

    I think I may go to Shetland someday just to meet the ponios and see puffins!!
    And of course, give hugs to Lambie and the rest of your family!! =)

  3. Margaret Robinson

    Never having seen a Puffin up close, am amazed at how perfect their markings are (and how close you must have been). They’re really quite beautiful.

    Glad you’re enjoying the Yanks – we do try and be polite, mind-our-manners and be helpful! MMR

  4. Louise Stopford

    Wow – What incredible photo’s – puffins are amazing and the scenery shots I love. I really enjoy to see the views of your Isles and to be given an insight into Shetland (all thanks and courtesy of your blog). What an amazing part of the world you live in – it’s just my “cup of tea” and I love, love seeing it all.

  5. rheather

    My hope is to someday visit Shetland and see the Minions and friends! (Since I’m having to depend on erratic playing of Lotto to finance the trip, it may take a while!)

    And I love the puffin photos. Never too many puffin photos…..

  6. Judith Garbutt

    Have you thought of submitting some of those photographs to the Countryfile team for inclusion in their calendar? They are soooo good!


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