Foalios have Forgiven

It is always difficult, when you do something nasty to a foal, to work on their forgiveness.

They are so very young and such a blank canvass.

But my mot du jour is to leave them for a while with their mothers, with little human impact, to get over it.

A constant “are you ok?” from me is not going to do any good.  Just remind them of what happened – the dreaded headcollar and microchipping episode.

But for me, the best answer is to be left alone to get over it, learn from it, gain perspective about it and, best of all, move on.

Lilja is all forgiving because she loves best in her whole world to have a nose kissey and anyone’s attention.

Dreki is still thinking about it. He is that kind of chap.  Being his friend is earned, not an immediate entitlement and I can work with that.

Best of all, the foals are busy growing up being foals.  They are eating grass.

(one is a giraffe in her spare time too!)

Meanwhile, Bardy had a horrid fall – all my fault – I thought he was stronger than he was and he fell from a great height and had a terrible gluff.

After a trip yesterday to the vet, who confirmed he was bruised and possibly stunned, Bardy (LD) has been on strict cage-rest.  I feel awful but every day he is getting a little stronger and more determined to get back to where he was.

The vet said Bardy was a good weight, so that was encouraging.  This bird parenting lark is torture.  I have never worried so much.

I just pray there is no lasting damage.  My nerves just can’t take it.


4 thoughts on “Foalios have Forgiven

  1. Terri

    Sorry about Bardy, hope he is recovering well. Brownie points in heaven for you for taking him under your wing!

  2. Nancy

    Do the foalios have special horsehair that is different from adults?
    It just seems like they have a kind of teddy bear fluffiness to them!

    Sorry to hear about Bardy’s fall. Some birds do well after, so please don’t worry!
    My pet finch got his leg caught in the cage when he was small. He seems fine now that he’s all grown up!
    I hope Bardy heals up soon!


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