Tidying Up

It’s Daisy’s last day before she goes south again so we went into the stable to put the rugs away, followed by these two inquisitive sheep (Maggie and her son, Harrel-the Barrel).

Last year, Daisy catalogued all the horse and pony rugs – no mean feat, I can tell you – and then I went and looked for rugs disturbing the “library”.  We needed to sort it all out again.  Plus many rugs had been sold/given away and needed to come off the list.

We sorted everything into various piles and drawers.

Categories were:

  • Rugs I don’t need immediately but shouldnt be thrown away (bottom 2 drawers), ie for when the Minions get older, plus various stable rugs in case anyone is shivering and needs to come in to warm up.
  • Sheep rugs – I like to be prepared and no one is getting any younger.
  • Rugs to grab easily for Fivla and Vitamin, even in summer – two rainsheets each and a rug with fill as well.
  • Rugs for the big ones in winter – two rainsheets and a rug with fill for each of them as they don’t like going inside in winter but need to keep warm.

This was my pile that I went through again and mostly put back, much to Daisy’s horror. I had to justify each rug I was keeping.  She was tough.

And I got it down to this smaller pile to give away or go to the tip.

Et voilà – a lovely tidy space.

A place for everything and everything in its place until I need it quickly and just throw it all on the ground to find the one I want.

And then Daisy and I can start all over again…….

2 thoughts on “Tidying Up

  1. Sam

    Job Security for Daisy! Perhaps a printed map on the wall to show where each rug should go would help?
    It is what I did for our local High School Costume collection.


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