Farewell Queen of Sheep

Well, that’s Daisy gone south now too and I know Lambie will miss her hugely.

Every morning this last week, Lambie has run (yes, run) to Daisy so they can have a lovely chat and scratch together.

Apparently only Daisy understands him because she is the Queen of Sheep and I don’t, because I am just his Muzzah and what do I know?

Lambie stared straight at me with that special look he has so that I knew exactly what he was thinking in that pea-sized brain of his.

Thanks a bunch, Lambie.

After their special morning conversation, Lambie then runs after Daisy while she tries to do other chores, like Edna’s hoof treatment.  He blocks her way so she has to turn all her concentration, and love, back on him.  He even has his “Happy Tail” for her.

I won’t say it’s pathetic to watch, but I do feel utterly unwanted after this extraordinary performance of Daisy worship.

Anyway, like I said, Daisy’s flown south now and Lambie will just have to put up with me as there is no one else left.  He will go back to his usual grudging aloof self. I know it.

So, farewell, Queen of Sheep.  Thank you from Lambie for all your love.

2 thoughts on “Farewell Queen of Sheep

  1. Sam

    Hard to be usurped by a Beloved One. But Lambie’s Happy Tail is a sight to be seen. And all his dog like wandering in front of daisy the Back Scratcher are funny.

  2. Celeste

    Gee whiz Lambie! There are a LOT of us here who LOVE you, if you would only let us show it. Both times I visited, he wasn’t at all snuggly with you or me and of course I was disappointed. He is a Star and he does have Fans, you know. Amazing to see him glued to Daisy.


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