Cheap Celery

I went to town this morning for various messages and saw some old friends for a catch-up.

The town was fairly buzzing as there was a massive cruise-ship – 2,100 passengers wandering around.  I did all I needed to do without my shopping list which I had left at my first stop, the animal feed merchant.  I then had to wing it for the rest of the day, which was very annoying and when I returned home, I realised I had forgotten the main reason I needed to go to town!  Isn’t that just the way?  I will have to go back or find someone who is going.

But one of the items I bought, that wasn’t on the shopping list, was celery which was on special offer.  I know that the Minions love this, so I bought four bags and thought it would make a nice treat for them.  Something different.

When I got home, Daisy and I took two of the bags down to the track.

Everyone wanted some.

Lots of munching and crunching.

And then it was all gone but I have two more bags for tomorrow.

Apparently celery is high in Vitamin K and I have absolutely no idea what that actually means. (goes off to research the benefits of eating celery while wondering it Vitamin K is a made-up vitamin. I thought it makes you pee).

4 thoughts on “Cheap Celery

  1. diane in Northern wis

    Celery is a good source of Luteolin! Luteolin possesses a variety of anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-diabetic properties. Good choice! Good for people too!

  2. Kris

    Vitamin K is important in blood clotting and bone health. My mother was on coumadin (thins blood) after open heart surgery and had to watch her intake of vit k.


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