Tiddles is Microchipped

The vet was coming over to see some of my neighbour’s ponies, so I asked if I could bring Tiddles over to be micro-chipped too.

Tiddles needs this before I can apply for his red Shetland Pony Stud-Book Association passport.  Sadly, it was not done when he was a foal.


Tiddles was not keen to leave his friends.


But once he got going, he happily walked alongside.


We reached our destination (about 1/3 mile away) and then Tiddles saw mares.  He instantly turned into a prat and danced around me on his leadrope.


As we needed to go and catch another mare, I decided to put him in a pen to keep him out of trouble.


When we returned Tiddles had demolished the pen which was lying flat and he had a front hoof stuck through his headcollar.

So I unwrapped him and we went outside to join the mares who were also waiting for the vet.  Tiddles then wrapped his rope around all his legs and fell over.

I explained to him that all this was his own fault and I was not sorry.  Embarrassed Tiddles stood back up while I unravelled him again and he decided to calm down and behave.


The microchip was inserted and checked with not much fuss.


And so we wended our way back home again.  Two stallions nearby shouted at Tiddles so he walked faster next to me.


It was very sweet – everyone had obviously missed their Tiddles and had been waiting for him to come home.


The gate to the field and green grass was open but no one would go out without Tiddles.


So now the boy is microchipped and his official red passport will be applied for.  The vet felt two little descended testicles but we decided to give him the summer before we castrate him as he is just beginning to come out of his shell, with the caveat that if he causes a problem, they will come off earlier!


Tiddles did like the idea of the girlies!  Bless him for trying.  They didn’t even lift their heads to look when he squealed to get their attention!

7 thoughts on “Tiddles is Microchipped

  1. jan

    Gorgeous photos! The minions are all for one and one for all, loved the picture of all of them waiting for him.

  2. Rebecca Final

    I really do think Tiddles is my favorite. I can just see him dancing along trying to impress the girls and I always giggle when my pony whinnies – it’s so little but at the same time LOUD.

    He looked so forlorn in the little pen but I laughed when you said it was flattened and his foot was caught in his halter. He was obviously quite busy while you were gone.

  3. Linda K

    I bet Tiddles was so glad to be back with his pals. He looks a bit alarmed in the last pic. “What’s coming off??”

  4. Linda Loba

    It’s always “interesting” to see the ways that animals left alone will entertain (or try to free themselves)! Our dog once chewed a couple of slats off of her dog house.


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