Definite Signs

There are now definite signs of Spring appearing all over Shetland.

I saw a pair of Mountain Hares or Blue Hares (Lepus timidus) in their “salt and pepper” guise.  This coat is the changeover from their white winter fur to their brown summer one.


It is excellent camouflage and they are beginning to pair off now for the season.  I have a very soft spot for these rare little chaps.  I hadn’t seen any this winter so it was a nice surprise on my way home from visiting the mares.


The first of the hill sheep lambs are beginning to be born.


Time to drive very very carefully and slowly as they can be fairly kamikaze in their attitude towards life.  Shetland sheep are not the most committed of mothers sometimes either.


The primroses (primula vulgaris) down by the stream are coming out now.


For me, this means Spring has started and we can’t go back to Winter conditions again (though it has been known to snow in May).


After photographing the primroses, I went to sit with The Minions who were mooching around in a field they had crawled under the fence to get to!

**** sigh ****

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Tiddles is fine after his micro-chipping experience.  We had a lovely chat and cuddle.


The ground is drying up now (goodbye mud, it was not fun) so I sat down and watched the boys playing – probably my favourite sport.

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  1. Sharrie Brockhaus

    What a wonderful picture/narrative book you could write. It would cause a great upturn in the tourist industry on your islands. …………..(but only if you want tourists)


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