Tiddles’ Bits

Yesterday, when I was visiting the Minions, I noticed Tiddles was kicking his belly all the time.  He wasn’t in any discomfort (ie colic) but obviously something was annoying him.

So, today, I went to the field armed with kit….. to clean Tiddles’ sheath.  I had everything ready – towels, hot water (thermos), ky jelly, gloves ….

I also had Floss with me to hold Tiddles in his head-collar as I could see he would be less than co-operative with this procedure.

We decided to “act normal” and feed Vitamin first.

After that, we would catch Tiddles and take him to the stream (cold running water) and tackle this potentially rather gross problem.  If you want to know how to clean a horse’s sheath, go look it up on Youtube.  Suffice to say, this is not my favourite sport.

These days Tiddles is having a bit of a thing about being caught and I put it down to the fact that he hates being brushed.  It’s the time of year.

I even have to bribe him to put cream on his nose.  Another necessity.

The others were perfectly normal…. ie taking an interest and trying to help.


And we watched Tiddles and he didn’t kick his belly once. So we left him alone and went home with our all our buckets of stuff unused.  I am rather relieved.  I hate that job.

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