Either very clever or very stupid!

Every day I drive past this croft on my way to see the Minions.  It is not a busy road, but still there are cars every so often.

It is also home to the croft’s make-shift crö.

(a sheep pen in Shetland dialect)

And sitting on that post is an oystercatcher (shalder).

When there were sheep in the pen, the oystercatcher had flown away so I asked if I could have a look.

Yup, three beautiful eggs in a ridiculous “nest”.

The oystercatcher was close by watching the sheep shearing goings-on.

She was immediately back sitting when everyone had gone.

Apparently this bird does this every year.  I have no idea what her hatching success rate is because that is a horrid drop out of the nest for anyone trying to leave who can’t fly.  It can’t end well, I think.

4 thoughts on “Either very clever or very stupid!

  1. Heather

    At least the drop is into springy grass! I’ve seen videos of baby wood ducks plummeting from way high and they survive! (No corpses were shown, anyway.)

  2. Shelley

    Clever. Apparently these birds lay their eggs in weird places that offer no cushioning like other nests. I guess this was a better choice than gravel piles or roadways. They also mate for life. I like a monogamous bird!.


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