Minion Therapy

Today, an old friend, Andrew, came to visit the Minions.  He has been our stalwart this winter, bringing and lugging water, feeding carrots, brushing endlessly, helping with clearing and burning the crofthouse roof at Leradale – the list is endless and none of the tasks were easy or much fun.

Under there is an Andrew!

He was very pleased to see his little friends again and amazed at how they had lost most of their long hairy winter coats.  We gave them all a bit of a brush and tomorrow I will put on some a long lasting insecticide and fly repellent which should help with the endless itching on my poor fences.

And I know the ponies were glad to see Andrew again.

He agreed with me that Vitamin, although looking old, had put on weight (phew!)

Everyone was pretty well behaved.

Even Newt!

(Tiddles was keeping well away in case I brushed him!)

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