This Weather is Abominable

The weather just circles now – gale and rain storms after gale and rain with little or no breaks.  It is exhausting for everyone including the horses.

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We are all existing at the moment, going out only for the necessities and keeping things as simple as possible.  There is no riding in this – the indoor school is noisy and the horses have lost shoes or are lame.  I have never seen so much water about.  It is just not draining off the land and we are all fed up.


Today I made the executive decision to move everyone into their “January” field – Clothie.  Ok, it is two weeks early but necessary.  I called the horses up to feed them and once they had eaten, we led them over.

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Clothie is 5 acres big and situated in the open hill opposite my house.  It is a completely separate croft to Thordale with a derelict house and outbuildings on it.  They all make good shelter as well as the high dry stone walls that surround two sides.


The horses were very happy to be moved into this drier field.  I don’t think anyone has been in Clothie since last spring so there is much to eat.


The old fields can have a rest and maybe they will drain a bit.  There is still some grass to be found there, though, which the horses can return to when it is calmer.


I just feel very sorry for the animals.  The bad weather seems never-ending (Day 8 so far of continuous gales and rain) and it is getting to everyone.  Utterly horrendous and very eroding.


3 thoughts on “This Weather is Abominable

  1. Cate

    Here in Newfoundland we’re getting the same succession of hurricane-force storms, but with snow instead of rain. Lovely. The met people say the storm track/jet stream has stalled, so the weather systems are roaring across the Atlantic from us to you. That’s no help, I know. Sorry!

  2. Linda

    Stand your ground sturdy horsies, but behind things! Luckily they are shorter and do get some protection from the old structures.


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