More Treatment for Klængur

I won’t lie to you but I am worried about Klængur.  His hooves are just not healing.  There has been no sign of an abscess and nothing has come to a head. Klængur has been lame for a while now, alternating from painful to hopping.  Not good.


Today Daisy and I drove over to Sandness where Klængur is living in a stable.  Jo wanted to try a new treatment – alternating standing his hoof in hot water and then cold to try and draw out the abscess.  His right hoof was very hot yesterday and he could barely walk.

First we gave him a feed with Danilon in it so that there was something in his system to help while we did this alternate bucket thing.  He was very happy to eat his painkillers.


While Klængur was eating his grub, we had put the Burco boiler in the next door shed to heat up the water.


Jo flitted between the sheds in her oilskins (national dress for Gale Force 8 and sheet rain) collecting and refilling buckets.


Klængur was a perfect gentleman and a stoic.  He stood completely still while we alternated the buckets of water.   We made sure that the water was always above the coronet band too so that if the abscess is going to burst through there, the hot water could work on that area too.

L1060396      L1060404

Klængur never mentioned if it was difficult or painful, just stood there and made polite conversation, gently nuzzling us and accepting any snuggles.  He really is the most gentle horse I have ever met.


Then a poultice was put on his foot and it was bandaged in vetwrap.  We will now wait and see. If it is dry tonight, then the foot will have Icthammol ointment to see if that draws anything out.

L1060434 L1060436

I hate this waiting game and even more seeing my beloved boy in pain.


3 thoughts on “More Treatment for Klængur

  1. lesley cafferky

    My heart goes out to you as I feel you are where I have been.. No one could tell me what was wrong with My boy, there was no tell tale signs until to late. At least you have a hot hoof to go on, so you know where the problem is, while I went on thinking it was his old injury, the shoulder. You have a good one there helping you on with loads of experiance, so I’m sure the problem will out. Thinking of you and wishing your lovely boy better.. A big hug from xxx

  2. Cate

    Oh poor boy!! Nothing worse than seeing them limping about and in pain. He’s bearing it heroically well. Fingers and everything crossed your fixes work and soon.

  3. Linda

    He’s getting the best care – bless you being on point for him and hope he pulls through.
    Saying a little prayer for this pony…xoxo.


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