Aha – Progress

I phoned the vet yesterday to talk to him about Klængur’s perpetual lameness.  The vet, Jim, does have an x-ray machine but it is not very portable and would involve Klængur being travelled to Scalloway (about an hour in the trailer).  However, Jim very kindly offered to lend us his hoof testers first to try and narrow down the abscess location before we went down the x-ray route.  So, in agreement with this plan, I collected the equipment and we took them to Klængur.


Klængur was very pleased to see us.


Jo did some work on his hoof, cleaned it up and then tried the testers.  Nothing.  Klængur just stood there.  The whole point is that he reacts when you press on the nasty bit.  But no, either he is a huge stoic or something else ……


So Daisy took Klængur outside to walk him up the track.  Looking at his gait might give us some more ideas.  A few days ago, he was nearly on his knees.

And today he walked quite well.  Hmmmm……  Then Jo picked up Klængur’s hoof again and we saw the break in the skin.  The abscess had burst through the back of his heel.  Poor boy but he was walking much better and looking relieved.


Another poultice on the heel and yellow vetwrap to keep it in place.

L1060503 L1060507

A big hug to make it all better.


And we put Klængur back in his stable for the night.  I am very relieved that this has happened.  Hopefully we can start treating him now.  Also I am sure that the two days of hot water/cold water bucket routine helped to bring this nasty to a head.

More healing vibes please for my special brave soldier.


5 thoughts on “Aha – Progress

  1. Sam

    Glad to hear you have found the source of the problem. Trust our animal friends to not tell us where it hurts in a language we know.


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