There must be something in the water

Everyone is totally mad today.


I took Klængur out for a ride by himself and he managed to spook at two rabbits, a yellow flower and a rock that looked at him in a funny way.

To recover our nerves, I sat in the field and watched Storm talk to his best friend, BeAnne.  For once BeAnne didn’t get arsey and snap.  Instead she turned upside down and let him tickle her belly. She loves this and will employ anyone if it means they will comply.  Every time Storm stopped, she stretch out her front paws to gently push his nose back down to tickle her.  She is clever!

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Later, I heard dur-dur-dur, dur-dur-dur, dur-dur-dur…..

Taktur was galloping up and down the fence as fast as he could with The Minions.

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I wasn’t sure if he was going to be horrid to them so stayed to watch.


Taktur did split up the little group and picked out little Storm.  I didn’t like that and made my feelings very clear about bullying.  I was not convinced this was a good game.  Funnily enough all the little boys galloped to be behind me.


And just as quickly as they had started, they stopped totally puffed out and started grazing.


Full Moon perhaps?

3 thoughts on “There must be something in the water

  1. Cate

    Or maybe that solar flare thing, that big sun-fart, which is supposed to be hitting earth today? Apparently it warps the earth’s electrical field or opens a worm-hole or some such nonsense. Maybe they sense it. 😀


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