A Proper Pea Souper

I can’t see beyond my nose for the fog that descended the minute there was mention of incredible Northern lights over the next few nights due to a mahoosive solar storm that zapped the Earth last Wednesday.


Depressed muchly. I had even set up two cameras (one for movies, one for stills), found memory cards, worked out which bit went where, even RTFM’ed before turning the house upside down twice looking for a specific left-handed blivet that attached a camera to a tripod.

So now fog.


Of course the horses made the most of this and promptly hid, making no noise at all.  I would have had to walk round the 20 acre field had it not been for Taktur’s internal alarm clock that tells him whether he has had his grub for the day.

BN2A5852 BN2A5856

Today was Haakon’s turn for the a ride.  I had wanted to take him the galloping track, which I was reliably informed had been opened, but didn’t want to risk our safety riding on the road with almost nil visibility so we stuck to the school. Maybe tomorrow.

BN2A5857 BN2A5858

I also had a quick Minion.  It was lovely and the boys are growing a good winter coat now.  Their little noseys remain delicious and infinitely kissable.

BN2A5859 BN2A5861 BN2A5876 BN2A5879

It is eerily silent outside.

My theory is that the birds don’t dare fly much in the fog in case they bump into each other!


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