Missing Forelock

I took Haakon into the school today, looked at him, looked at him some more and tried to see what was different about him.


And then I noticed – his forelock is missing.

This is Haakon a few months’ back.

BN2A1007 copy

And this is today, just now in the field.  His forelock has lost volume, substance and is rather straggly.


He doesn’t look like the Haakon I have known all his life.  Most strange.  A different face looks at me now.


I mean obviously Haakon does not try to attain the standards of His Frilledness.  That would be impossible.

BN2A0577 copy

So I asked the obvious culprits and they all denied any wrong doing.  I do believe them as Haakon doesn’t play with them ever and barely acknowledges their existence.

Storm’s forelock has always been a bit silly.


Waffle’s is a thing of great beauty.


While I was pulling out the last of the nasty bits which has resulted in a bit of a scalping for poor Silver.  Hopefully it will grow back!


And then the penny dropped.  Haakon’s forelock has only gone missing since the return of a certain black Icelandic stallion (his name begins with “T” and ends with *actur) who likes to play.  Now I am not going to jump to any conclusions and I dont suppose there is anything I can do about it anyway, but I am watching everyone like a hawk.


I liked Haakon’s forelock.  It was one of his better bits.

***** sigh *****

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