The Superstars – Five Years On

So this was us just over five years ago (February 2013 to be precise), when Visit Scotland dressed Vitamin and Fivla in their bespoke Fair Isle cardigans.

They wore them so well.

Fivla and Vitamin were suddenly an internet hit.  The world knew about them.  It was fun, though there were folk who thought that Shetland ponies wore Fair Isle cardigans all the time in the fields and what we did was terribly cruel.  The fact that Fivla and Vitamin wore them for possibly 10 minutes maximum in each shoot and could easily and happily walk/trot around not giving a damn was irrelevant.  There are some real idiots out there.  I can say that now!

Since then many have copied but only really devaluing the brand.  We were the first.

I also know that there are a few fields in Shetland with random grey (white) and black Shetland ponies in.  Apparently visitors are told these are the ponies from the advert.  But they aren’t.  Vitamin and Fivla live in my fields.

The ladies have aged these past four years.  Vitamin is a bit greyer around her cheeks.

She looks older but is still beautiful.

The ladies remain the best of friends.  Now Fivla has lost weight, she looks wonderful – just the same, perhaps a bit wiser (my excuses for the very dirty bottom – someone is in season).

However, there is a distinct change in Vitamin.  She is sharper, a bit senile even, but she trusts me so I can catch her if I need to.  She is the younger of the two and I worry.

Fivla is just the same – always easy, always helpful – she does, though, squeal like a pig if any other pony/horse looks at her in a funny way.  We just laugh.

So Fivla and Vitamin are still going strong. However, beware imitations.

7 thoughts on “The Superstars – Five Years On

  1. Sam

    WOW! Five years already. If I ever get to Shetland, I will not mistake these two lovely ladies for unknown field horses. Your loving care and concern for your animals is a sight to see. Thank you for sharing these lovely ladies with us.

  2. Celeste Nossiter

    It was those sweaters that first introduced me to your herd, since I am an avid knitter. But now I look forward to your blog every day, it is always a high point for me. Not only your beautiful animal family but your fantastic photography. And I’m coming to Shetland in August! I hope to meet all of you, will email you closer to my trip. Oh boy, I can’t wait!

  3. Margaret Robinson

    And I believe that is how I first “met” you too. Reading about this beautiful critters and then actually “talking” with you via email and then meeting you and Family. The beautiful sweaters drew me in!!!!!! There will be imitators of the sweaters perhaps, but none can imitate Fivla and Vitamin.

    Interesting how many people have “met” you through the sweater episode – Go Shetland! MMR

  4. Denny144

    You’re kind of hinting that these girls are getting on in years. Do Shetland ponies have a shorter life span than a horse?

  5. Patricia

    five years? wow, seems like yesterday. I’ve been reading you ever since then and I adore your photos of all your critters and sheeples but what I enjoy the most is your honesty and sense of humour even in the worst of times. Thank you so much for sharing your true self Frances and I wish you continued happiness and success.

  6. Anne

    oh, this reminded me of my first visit to Shetland in 2015 – I bought a postcard with these two
    stunning supermodels. I lost my heart completely.

    After my visit I discovered your blog and have been following it ever since.

    Shetland is my paradise, even if Ihave only been there twice. Hope to return. Your photos
    remind me what a wonderful place it is. Reading about the horses, sheep, dog and cat is
    very entertaining. Sometimes it reminds a bit of a cartoon, called Footroot Flats (spelling?)
    taking place on a farm in New Zealand….there could be similarities…. 🙂

    have a wonderful summer, your Danish fan Anne


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