Little Albert-Potato

Little Albie – I call him “Albert Potato” and I am not sure why.  We adore him (actually, we adore them all, but Albie is always speshul because we were his Mum from an early age).

And in return Albie loves us.  When he was little, we brought him his food.  There is a connection – food + Mum = love.

When we go into the field, Albie is always first up for hugs and nose-kisseys.  There is something just a little bit different from the others.  He has nice manners and will stand forever beside you passing the time of day.

While he is very happy to be one of the guys, Albie always runs back to us for a hug.  He needs to know that everything is ok.  Right from the start, it was my dream to see Albie settled and accepted in my little Shetland pony herd.

I love the way Albie then canters back to the herd, having had his hugs.

Then there is the necessity of annoying of someone who also loves to play – that would be Storm, then.

A statutory game with one of his bestie’s – Storm and Albie are very similar in the way they think and are.

And then off Albie goes to do some serious eating because that is very important too.  For a miniature Shetland pony, Albie has grown upwards (and outwards).  He obviously likes his food.

I luff my little orphan – *** sniff *** – Shetland pony.  Albie will always be my little boy.

3 thoughts on “Little Albert-Potato

  1. Sam

    Some critters get much farther into our hearts than others. Not to say this is bad, far from it. It is good to be loved and to love in return. Lucky you!

  2. Judith Garbutt

    I have a bit of a soft spot for Albie, too. His head is virtually identical to my little Alfie’s. But I think Albie has a gentler nature!


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