Finally out of the Naughty Corner

My mixed herd of one Icelandic horse filly yearling, Lilja, and most of the Shetland pony Minions, plus Fivla and Vitamin, are very happy and settled.

But two are missing.  Waffle and Storm have been living in another field for nearly a week now. They miss their friends very much.  I can see that during my daily visits.  However, these two are becoming more and more rotund, which is not good.  Storm looks like a Percheron and Waffle is a pig on sticks.

So with promises of better behaviour, Floss and I led the boys back to be with their friends again.

This time Waffle was nicer to Lilja.

He had stopped his irritating “I am a stallion, I am” behaviour and Lilja had learned to mouth like a foal again, which was interesting to see.

Lilja wanted to be friends with Waffle – she was interested in meeting him and every time he came up or she went over, she was the submissive one.  This was a good plan.

And because she did this, Waffle totally backed off.

Of course Tiddles was thrilled to see his bestie, Storm, again.

There was lots of catching up to do.

The herd took up mutual grooming too.

Lilja tries so hard to fit in.  She really does.

Vitamin has a side-kick.  So cute.  They make a great team.

Newt – the very definition of divine. He is the cutest little chap.

So, there we are.  The herd is together.  The fighting, hopefully, has stopped.

Lilja is settled and happy.

It took a while, but it is done!

Peace at last – pretty please.

4 thoughts on “Finally out of the Naughty Corner

  1. Sam

    Good to see the full herd back together. Could the itchy winter coats be a factor? Glad Newt has more friends but how does Albie feel about that?

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Lilja look so tall next to the little ones! What height do you think she’ll be when she finishes growing? Is there a maximum and minimum height for the pure bred Icelandic horses?


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