The Sunday Brush

I look at this photo and the song “Here Come the Girls” starts playing in my head!


Today is Sunday therefore it is time for The Sunday Brush.  One at a time, each of The Minions had their manes and tails brushed with mane and tail conditioner.  They were much better about it.  Last time Silver had a little hoof-stamping tantrum when I brushed his forelock – he was promptly reminded this was not rocket science and something that was expected of him so he had better get used to hair-dressing pretty pronto.  No tantrums today, just standing and being brushed like good boys on a Sunday morning.


Afterwards, I let them wander around to play and eat.


They were happy enough coming up to talk to us and I think they looked very smart in their new summer coats, with gorgeous flowing hair.

BN2A4555 BN2A4581  BN2A4602 BN2A4606 BN2A4615

I am very proud of my Minions.  Obviously they are still very young and have good days and bad.  Sometimes I can’t get near them and they rush about being idiots to catch, the next, they are all over me putting on their own head collars..  Silver has his trust issues but he follows the other two easily.  Baby steps really but I think we have come a very long way.


3 thoughts on “The Sunday Brush

  1. Cate

    Post that top pic alongside one of the first you took of them. That’s not just a big difference, it’s transformation. Metamorphosis. What beautiful creatures they have become in your care. 🙂

  2. Karen

    Missing be able to see them 🙁 They are coming along splendidly. Such a long time till next summer :/


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