Yearly visit from the Equine Dentist

Our Equine Dentist, Stuart Huggan, paid us a visit today.

First up was Vitamin, Indy’s Mum. She has developed pouches on either side and we wanted them sorted.  She is an older mare so maintenance of her teeth is essential.  She was a good girl.

BN2A5500 BN2A5503

Then, Fakur, our 23 year old Icelandic horse, who lost weight this winter, was worrying us.  Stuart sorted him out and said, for an older horse, he looked very good.  That cheered us up.  As ever, Fakur was a complete gentleman.


Fakur and Vitamin were removed to my OH’s vegetable garden for safe-keeping.  We then wheeled out Taktur.  As a breeding stallion, who will be assessed and hopefully competed, we needed to know everything was as perfect as it could be.


Stuart is happy to share his knowledge and so both Jo and Daisy made use of this.


Haakon was afterwards.  Now, he can be a bit of a berk when it comes to the dentist.  He is prone to rearing but Stuart knows him and worked with his fears as well as his teeth.


Then Iacs….



and Klængur.


I asked Stuart to look at The Minions.  I am well aware how the lack of nutrition can cause problems.  You only have to look at their feet to see when they started eating properly so I was worried about what effects the winter starvation might have had on their teeth.

BN2A5558 BN2A5561 BN2A5564

They all behaved as well as they could considering and Stuart just made everything perfect, saying they had suffered no previous dental harm.  All good.  I want them set up to be the best they can.

I am off south tomorrow to Aberdeen to see my Spinal Surgeon for a consultation.  I have instructed Daisy to spend as much time as she can hugging The Minions to make up for this afternoon.  She is good at hugging!



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