Rain Drops

It rained today so I went outside, after riding my two Icelandic horses (one on the hill and one in the school), to take some moody photos of the water droplets on the plants in the garden.


I haven’t got much to say really except I enjoyed experimenting and my feet are wet from traipsing around in the long grass.

BN2A4423 BN2A4439 BN2A4459 BN2A4462 BN2A4463 BN2A4467 BN2A4471 BN2A4475     BN2A4496 BN2A4510 BN2A4512

Everyone is fed up and soggy.  The smell of wet dog pervades the house and we want the sunshine back please.


Sorry, I am not very chatty today.  I must go and change into some dry clothes.  I am beginning to feel a bit cold now.

On the good side, at least the midges didn’t appear.  That is something.  I loathe the midges.

2 thoughts on “Rain Drops

  1. Cate

    Beautiful photos. Each one a jewel. That first shot brings to mind the moody croft art of Ron Lawson. 🙂


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