The Squeaky Rubber Chicken

Yesterday was horrible for everyone equine so today we took two squeaky rubber chickens for the Minions to play with, like you do!

They were fascinated – Tiddles especially so.  He bided his time and then he struck, like a ninja!


The others were all, to some extent intrigued (except Fivla).  They particularly liked, but were nervous of at the same time, the very satisfactory squawk the chicken made when squished.

And, surprisingly, they were all very polite about taking turns.  There were two chucks to share.

Newt liked the rubber chicken very much.


As did Vitamin, which was interesting. I didn’t have her down as a squeaky rubber chicken kinda gal.

It was a foregone conclusion with Albie.

Lilja was undecided. She soooooo wanted to play with it but yet she knew it would be very uncool especially in front of Sóley.

Waffle gave it his best.

Sóley couldn’t decide whether touch it or run away.  This was about as brave as she could manage and she also didn’t want Lilja to disapprove.

The biggest surprise was Storm who wouldn’t go near it.  Of all of them, I would’ve thought he would be wearing it within seconds but no, he stood with eyes on stalks.  Maybe another time.  The chicken will return!

5 thoughts on “The Squeaky Rubber Chicken

  1. diane in northern wis

    Well, that’s hilarious. I never would have guessed that your horses, big and little, would be so interested in a rubber chicken or two! I would have liked to see them when the chicken squawked! How fun!
    Have you done that before? Or was this a first. Love the pictures… cute and funny.

  2. Sam

    So Storm is fine playing with non-toys but not real ones? And Sisters do indeed judge each other’s “maturity” when squeaky chickens show up. Perhaps Newt and Vitamin were discussing how to use the chicken to distract you from carrot stealing? They all looked like they were having such fun.


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