Trying to Take Photos

The Shetland winter sunlight is perfect for me.

We get just under 6 hours of daylight (on 1st January we get exactly 6 hours, minus 1 minute!)

Sunrise – Sunset –

I love the yellow-pinkiness of the colours.  It suits the Old Men, especially Klængur. Perhaps its an orange thing.

Today I wanted to take a photo of Iacs and Haakon together.  They are cousins and there is definitely a “family resemblance”.

Haakon is 26 years old.

While Iacs is 25 years old which means Haakon gets to boss him about, which he does!

(that is a goofy face, Iacs!)

Haakon has the best colouring. I adore his black tipped ears, his two-tone mane and white crescent on his forehead. Utter perfection.

The Old Men are doing well this winter and are maintaining their body weight.  They’ve had many years perfecting this skill.

A few more photos taken in the Shetland winter sunlight.

BeAnne trying to entice me into the house to feed her wafer thin ham (in which I put her lunchtime pills).  She is unaware of my trickery and thinks I just like feeding her ham!

You can read her mind.

She is saying “feed me, Mummy, feed me!”

And so is this one.  Lambie et al have been scrounging ginger biccies all morning!  “The ration is 2” is all I seem to have said today to everyone woolly!

A perfect day for photographs.

2 thoughts on “Trying to Take Photos

  1. Sam

    Why yes, BeAnne is the poster child of starved dogs! Ditto on the Sheeple, who believe they have Christmas treats right thru Jan 6th for Three Kings Day…Love the Handsome Old Men.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Frances – we need a ‘WOW’ button! The first photograph is so atmospheric. I love the way the old men have a sort of white outline, as if the ends of their hairs are white!


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