The South End

I took my friends sightseeing today down the South end of the island.

My idea of sightseeing is to drive along happily chatting and then suddenly swerve off the road so my friends can get out and take a photo (or recover on solid ground, visibly shaken!)

This is the view of Bressay, another island opposite Lerwick, looking across Fladdabister.


Having terrified everyone, we then drove down to Sumburgh to look at the scenery.  We went up to the Lighthouse and then had a wander around.


BN2A3895 BN2A3897

There weren’t very many nesting seabirds left but there were lots of twitchers and we played a good game of camera-envy.

(I may be drinking gin while I am typing this!)

BN2A3920 BN2A3930

Fair Isle was on view, which was lovely to see.


A good lunch and then on to the Jarslhof Prehistoric and Norse Settlement – “one of the most remarkable archaeological sites ever excavated in the British Isles”, so they say.

We trundled round it in the rain.  Pity they didn’t have roofs.

L1180587 L1180609 L1180596

Onwards, everyone to one of my favourite museums – The Quendale Watermill – a beautifully restored 19th century overshot watermill.  It is stunning, interesting and in a beautiful setting.

L1180672 L1180666 L1180665 L1180645 L1180652

On the way back, we had a Hitchcock moment.  All starlings.  All facing the same way.  All very creepy.


This is Spiggie beach.  A lovely sandy beach that I once galloped Haakon across.  It was brilliant and I will never forget that ride.  I wish I could repeat it.






3 thoughts on “The South End

  1. Vicki

    Sounds like a fantastic outing. Beautifully colored stone wall at the ruin. Agree on the birds, all those beady little eyes and scaly sharp-clawed legs.

  2. Terri

    Gorgeous photos! Did you see a “murmuration of starlings” too? (you must admit, it is impressive)
    I didn’t know there is actually an island called “Fair Isle” — I thought it was simply a type of knitting from Shetland (thanks). Btw, did you see Kate Davies’ (the knitwear designer) photos of Shetland and Vementry yesterday (for Shetland Wool Week)? — they are very nice and include sheep (with a shepherd on an ATV) and a sweet and wooly Shetland pony. Her blog is at katedaviesdesigns dot com. I’m glad your friends are there to distract you from your chicks having flown the nest….


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