Flossie’s Last Day

Flossie is returning to university this weekend.  She is leaving us today on the evening flight out.

She wanted a last ride on Haakon so I sent her out into the field (it was dark, wet and miserable) to get him.


As the gate is knee-deep mud, the routine is to throw the rope over the horse’s head, shove him hopefully through, climb over the fence, and catch him on the other, slightly drier, side.

In theory this works. In practice the horse usually stands in the middle and refuses to budge until you wade in to grab him.


Today, Haakon was surprisingly helpful.

BN2A3734 BN2A3736

There must be a full moon or something.

BN2A3738 BN2A3742

Flossie tacked Haakon up and got on.


The Olympic Selection Committee were busy.


They sent in substitutes to make decisions on their behalf.


(as well as the usual sulky back-up!)


Flossie did very well on Haakon.

BN2A3761 BN2A3799

After his out-of-character helpfulness, Haakon resorted to his old and well-used dirty tricks but Floss was determined and effective in her riding.


I am very proud of her progress. She has done brilliantly.


I shall miss having my Floss around.  I have spent a wonderful last two months with her but Oxford calls and she is going back to exams in Chinese, poor love.  Suddenly riding Haakon will seem easy by comparison.


3 thoughts on “Flossie’s Last Day

  1. Terri

    Farewell Flossie! We will all miss you (most of all your mother). I’m happy you enjoyed riding during your summer holiday — you’ve made great progress!


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