Silly Boys, Beautiful Girls!

I love the way the Minions* still love to play.  It makes my heart warm.

*The Minions were rescued in January, 2014 from near starvation in winter.


And now they are fine, still all together and doing well.


Waffle and Storm are cheeky and funny.


All the Minions are my darling little boys.


I never want them to stop playing or to grow up and be responsible adults – so boring.


Meanwhile, on the “beautiful girl” front, Flossie was talking to Silver.


Then Hjalti moved in for attention.


This is a safe field to sit in.  No one kicks, bites or argues.  We sit and talk to those that come up for chat.  So that would be everyone, then.


Sometimes Tiddles just needs some quiet time with someone who understands.


Flossie always listens.


I am the luckiest mother on earth.  I have two wonderful daughters who totally get and understand the love of our horses.


This is not something you acquire, it is something you are born with.  Empathy for animals.


Then again, there is being mauled and still smiling!


I am so pleased Daisy and Flossie understand and want to be part of this world.

4 thoughts on “Silly Boys, Beautiful Girls!

  1. Terri

    Truly a happy-ending story! Although I agree that some people are innately more empathetic than others, I believe that empathy for animals is taught to children from the very beginning, as they observe how their parents interact with other species (with kindness, TLC, and respect). And Very Special People, such as you, can communicate with animals and understand their needs (“whisperers”). A gift. xo

  2. Sam

    Empathy can and should be taught to all children. Your daughters had the best upbringing for this. You and OH have shown them HOW to treat all creatures and get those animals to trust them. Well done, Frances, well done!


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