The Mystery of the Milk?

We have been having a few problems.

Camus, the foal, was found outside the perimeter fence.  We don’t know how but I am pretty certain he went under the gate where it fastens.

So, I knitted a fence out of rope!  Get out of that now, Camus!


Whilst having a 5 acre field to themselves, it is very obvious that mother, Tor, is in season.  She spends much of her time shouting and tarting at Taktur, who is across the hill with his girls.


If she goes on like this, I will put her to Finnigert (1/2 a mile away) for a week while her hormones calm down.


Taktur spends much of his day dreaming.


He is dreaming of a new girlfriend who thinks he is gorgeous, no matter how miniature they may be.  His Icelandic horse mare harem are bored of him now and Taktur is lonely and bored.


We will see how it goes before we move everyone.  Taktur must get used to the waft of hormones and he must learn that sometimes one puts up and shuts up.

Meanwhile, there remains the mystery.  Who drinks the mare replacement milk that we put out every day?

Every day the bowl is licked clean but we never actually see anyone drink it.  Camus, the little bay foal, has his real mother to nurse from while Brisk has no one.  He doesn’t bother asking Tor (the mare) as she will only say no.  He has given up with that method.

Being none the wiser, this morning I set up the Go-Pro camera, Flossie put out the mare replacement milk and we walked away, letting the camera film the results.

The result?  Both the foals are drinking the milk but Brisk has the majority.  That is good to know.



3 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Milk?

  1. Terri

    I think you should post your knitting project on Ravelry!
    Glad the mystery of the disappearing milk was solved. But I feel a lil sorry for Brisk not being allowed to nurse from Tor, although he shares his milk bucket with Camus. The injustice of it all!

  2. Linda

    Poor Tatkur, it must be so hard being that handsome and beautiful. 😉

    And hooray for Brisk! Not only getting more than his share, but also sharing what he has with Camus!

  3. Sam

    Love your yarn bombing of the fence. And good to know Brisk is getting the milk he needs and is a good boy to share with Camus. Poor Tatkur! Lovely girls and no access (snicker, snort).


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