The Shirt of Thunder

I finally did it and I realise now (hindsight is such an accurate science) that I should’ve done this years ago.  I bought BeAnne Duvet a Thundershirt.

We are currently living through 3 days of storms (a feisty Force 11) and the house is shaking and rattling while outside buckets of water are being hurled at us.  It is also very noisy.

But life is good!  For the first time ever, BeAnne has not spent her day under the towel rail in the bathroom shaking.

Obviously Monster is intrigued at this new fashion and, having never suffered a day’s anxiety in his life (apart from when his battery-operated food bowl failed to open at 3am – WORST DAY EVER and yes he has five meals a day, so shoot me! You don’t have to live with him), he is not getting one.

BeAnne even managed to scrounge at lunchtime and that is how I know she is feeling fine while Hell continues to erupts outside.

After feeding horses, feeding horses again, checking ponies, feeding more horses and throwing horses out into fields where horses belong, I went to my she-shed/shudio to make a sheep and Her Maj happily came along too.

Meanwhile, Monster’s anxiety has reached fever-pitch.

So all is good.  I am glad we have this amazing invention and I just wish I had bought a Thundershirt sooner.

Just so you know, BeAnne is not wearing it 24/7, though to be honest in this weather I think she should but the instructions say she must have a break to see if it fits ok and there is no skin irritation.

Edit: The Thundershirt back on now!  She loves it. Monster is so jealous!

Another edit: A little known fact – a Thundershirt is a f***er to put on when you’ve had a gin, or two, or three……

So you know – here to help!

6 thoughts on “The Shirt of Thunder

  1. Margaret R.

    So glad Her Maj is happy (ikmportant for happy family life)! Monster will just have to make do, or save his pennies to get one just like his friend.

    Rest easy and enjoy being warm inside!

  2. Carina

    Oh thats great! So happy för Beanne. My dog is afraid of
    The fireworks that people insist on for New Years Eve and this year i tried wrapping her in a scarf. You are supposed to do it in a certain way, there are pictures if you Google, and it worked wonders for her. No more anxious panting she went right to sleep. Works in the same way as Thundershirt. Amazing.

  3. Sam

    Thundershirts are a god send unless drinking is involved. The Horrors for Monster on the food bowl!!!! Call the authorities! Little Miss Maine Coon had a fat node burst on her side (not serious just ugly) we have used a small kid’s t-shirt rather like a Thundershirt to keep the wound clean as it heals.


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