Sunrise Sunset

Floss and I are always up and out at first light which today was 08.35.

The horses are usually, though not always, waiting to come in.

BeAnne is told to go to her “bed” – her safe place.

Haakon, Iacs and Klaengur are fed first.  Haakon has calorific food and his supplements, while the other two have calorie-free fibre (just don’t tell them) to keep them occupied.

Haakon likes to eat his food peacefully and without hassle.  Hassle comes in the form of Klaengur and/or Iacs who are like vultures.  Haakon just fires filthy looks at them.

Once the hard food has been eaten, the buckets are taken away and three haynets of varying degrees of difficulty are hung in the smaller stable.  Klaengur and Iacs go and join Haakon and they then get on fine.

BeAnne of course has disregarded my order and has found herself a better bed.

A Patterdale terrier always knows best!

Then Floss and I go and call the other Icelandics – Taktur, Kappi, Dreki and Efstur – up to eat their hay in the bigger bit of the stable.

And so we leave them all to it for the morning so they can rest, dry off and generally regroup.

The sun was almost appearing as we left.

But actual daylight is more and I noticed the Boyzens had come home and were wanting in for their breakfast here at “Hotel Thordale”.

It really is a very beautiful time of year despite the three days worth of gales were are currently living through.

And this was the moment the sun actually arrived – 09.07.

Sunset tonight was at 15.16.  Again, stunning and magical. I had just come home from checking the horses! It never stops.

3 thoughts on “Sunrise Sunset

  1. Sam

    Spectacular pictures! Love how BeAnne finds a more comfy spot to hang out while the Boys munch their breakfasts. Hotel Thordale has some cute Sheeples at the gate.


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