Pins Falling out of the Sky

Outside hurt.  Serious owie.  This afternoon when Floss and I were on our way out to drive around feeding and checking on everyone outwith Thordale, we were caught in a barrage of hail being blown (Force 11) at us.

It was like being viciously attacked with many, many needles that were not giving up.  I have not known such horrid sharp evil pain. We couldn’t run anywhere because we were laden down with necessities and the wind was blowing us back with the hail/needles into us.

So forgive me if there are no photos of animals or weather or anything really.  The best I can manage is BeAnne in the sofa this evening.

I made her a nest for her with a lid.

And she has made it her home, while she wears her thundershirt which, although is doing good is really no match for what is going on outside.

Apparently the next two days are looking much better – a brief respite but, still, I will take what I can.  Lots to do then while the wind blows slightly less.

On the good side, however, all the animals are doing well and seem happy with our Storm routine.

3 thoughts on “Pins Falling out of the Sky

  1. Linda Kirk

    I hope that weather is not on its way down to me.

    I bet BeAnne feels safe and secure in her den and she looks quite content.


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