The Salt Lick

I mentioned yesterday that rather than eat my beautiful weathered planks (which OH has now removed from temptation), I would put out a salt lick.

So I lugged one down and tied it onto a fence strainer that serves both the Icelandic horses and the Shetland pony fields.

Tiddles managed a quick sniff (he wanted to eat the rope really) while Vitamin dived straight in – crunching off bits with her teeth.  Large pieces.

She wasn’t letting anyone have a turn and the little ones looked on rather mystified.

Lilja had also followed me down the field and politely popped her head over the fence to see what the new lick was all about.

Vitamin rudely gave her what for!

So Lilja’s Mum turned up!  That look says it all.

And then, because Hetja is a lovely lady with beautiful manners, she let her daughter have first go.

And she had a shot herself.

With Vitamin now out of the way, Hetja even shared with The Minions and she hates them. I was very surprised.

Vitamin did not care.  I think she had eaten enough. I wonder if her mouth was fizzing!

The others will probably have a go, once the excitement of a new lick has died down. I like to think they regulate their intake, ie eat what they need.

(Silver looking particularly handsome – just because).

7 thoughts on “The Salt Lick

  1. Dona

    Love the last photo of Silver. Just beautiful. All your winter posts have been amazing. Like a travel log. Wish it was a shorter flight over to visit!

    1. Frances Post author

      He was looking particular beautiful imho too. xx. I always hope Star Trek “beam-me-up, Scottie” method of transport was real. Imagine how many folk could appear in the field!

  2. Sam

    Yes, if you had a transporter beam, I’d be over every month. Silver is looking very, very handsome! But the documentation of the family dynamics is most amusing.

  3. Terri

    Oh, Silver, how beautiful you are! I’ve always had a soft spot for you.
    About the weathered wood “snack” yesterday: do ponies and horses eat it because there is trace sea salt on it? (from salty sea mist blown by the winds) They must enjoy it for more than the fibre! In any case, glad OH rescued it for your studio.

  4. diane in northern wis

    That pic of Vitamin foaming at the mouth is hilarious! Nice that the rest took turns checking it all out. I do think that Lilja is beautiful. And her mom too. Great pictures, as always, Frances. And I love the commentary too.


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