Blimmin’ Cold

I woke to this sunrise from my bedroom window at 08.51 heralding a new, if freezing, day.

After we had fed the Icelandic horses their silage, I stayed out with a little camera to take photos of the icicles in the hill. I also made a small film.

The shapes made by the movement of the water with the low temperatures create fascinating little watery sculptures.

As ever, BeAnne came too.  She likes my expeditions especially if they don’t involve either the horses/ponies in their field or the car.  Sheep and chickens are fine, though.

Monster, on the other paw, is struggling with his inner demons.

He is enjoying the snow but, to his disappointment, remains still visible.  He wants a full refund on his Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak.

Who knows what he is up to here. Was he a garage mechanic before he came to us?

Monster was determined to follow us walking calmly on the ice while I tried to find a safer, less-slippery route.

He even managed a little game with himself, pouncing and sliding on the sheet ice like a Disney film.  It was very funny to watch. He is certainly a candidate for Dancing on Ice – yes, I am addicted (don’t judge me!)

The audience were bemused at Monster’s antics.  Sheep are not good ice dancers.

Sunset today was at 15:42 so this was a bit before.  Always beautiful.

Blimmin’ freezing, though.

11 thoughts on “Blimmin’ Cold

  1. Sam

    The Northeast USA will get that Blimmin’ cold on Monday. But your ice film is fascinating.
    And Monster’s Ice Dancing Skills get a 10 from this judge!

  2. Margaret Robinson

    It’s all beautiful to us, but then again, we’re not out in it either! You photos are striking. You find the most interesting things to take pictures of when out for your walks. We (or rather Chandler and I) get up around 5:30 a.m., Harry follows about 10 minutes later, but it’s still pretty dark and the only people going by are the caddies, driving like devils to get to one of the golf courses. OH……….and the Red’s Donut van which I have said should never get a tix because he’s carrying precious cargo! Now to make him stop at our house sometimes.

  3. Lucy

    Wow those are beautiful photographs Frances and it makes me realise how mild the Inner Hebrides are in comparison with Shetland. The Monster Mechanic having his trade debut is great – earning a living will give him a sense of worth (as if cats need any of that)!

  4. Mary Colleen McNamara

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures. I love the ice cicles . Hope monster isn’t looking to warm himself on the engine block of the car. Some cats, and squirrels etc. do that in the winter here and often times the outcome is not pretty. Tell him to look for another hobby 😉 or line of potential work.
    Stay safe and warm

  5. Terri

    Beautiful post! I love the Ice Stream video. Is the music Scottish or Chinese? Monster looks like he’s having great fun (although I’m surprised his paws don’t hurt from the ice). The Sheeple look especially well-dressed for the weather. Stay warm, one and all!

  6. diane in northern wis

    Oooh beautiful video of your icy stream and love the music too. Also love those pics of the Monster doing his thing on the ice! What a beautiful animal….not to mention those two handsome judges at the end! Always a joy to visit your blog Frances. Thank you for it!


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