Hey, That’s Mine!

Between filthy showers of rain and kitted out in my last dry coat – I got through 4 today – I went out in search of the Minions.  They were not in their usual spot so I drove up round the back of the hill to find the herd behind a sheep wind-break/possible crö (sheep-fold).

Anywho, they were pleased to see their dear old Mum and possibly the bag of carrots I had.

Everyone was rather soggy.

As ever, Tiddles was on very snoggable form.  Best kisser ever.  No, seriously, he is.  If there was an order, it would go Tiddles, Newt, and then Albie.

Funnily enough, not Storm.

Anywho, I was looking at the wooden windbreak/crö because OH and I have plans for it – the wood is beautifully weathered.  We are thinking dado rail or skirting board in my studio but need to see how much useable wood we have and also how it looks in my studio before the final decision is made.

Certain ponies have been snacking.

So we will go up tomorrow and take it down.  The minute I thought this, Waffle read my mind.  Honestly, Waffle!  Why?  Just why?

Tiddles was not much better.

And Storm, well he was Storm.

I will replace it with a mineral/salt lick. That should keep them entertained.


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