The Perfect Horse

Iacs came in today be ridden by Daisy.

Iacs and Daisy grew up together.  Daisy has ridden Iacs since she was 9, or roughly – none of us can remember.  He has been with us since he was a newly-backed youngster.

Now more mature – 22 years old (this spring) – and still Daisy’s No 1 forever horse.

They know each other very well.

Iacs is a half-full glass kinda guy.

In his opinion, the potential for calorific content is everywhere.

You just never know.

“Yes you do, Iacs.  No food until you’ve finished” says Daisy.

Iacs, despite his age, loves to be ridden.  He could go round that school forever with a smile on his face and a song in his fart.

(Obviously, Daisy’s trainer was working them both hard.  She has very high standards.)

When we had the riding school, everyone learned to ride on Iacs.  He teaches walk, trot and canter, steering plus exemplary brakes.  Despite being an Icelandic horse, there is no natural tölt and we have never asked for it.  It was more important for Iacs to look after Daisy than to be wound up and asked to tölt.

Iacs is a very honest horse to ride.  He will forgive a few indiscretions but he does exactly what you ask.  So if you don’t ask, he will walk straight into a wall because no one said not to.

The worst thing he has ever done?  A real gent, unless there is a bucket involved, and then all bets are off and you have to stop being a passenger and start being a rider, so not a bad thing really.

He may be old and woolly, but Iacs has still got it!

If there are calories involved, you always have Iacs’ full attention.

This is his Handsome Prince face.

A darling boy.

7 thoughts on “The Perfect Horse

  1. Judith Garbutt

    The more pictures I see of Daisy’s riding, the more I think she should have a go at dressage! She clearly has a really good “feel” for working the ponies through to the contact and in a good balance. Lovely rider with a good position and hands – a credit to you, Frances.

  2. Terri

    Daisy is a lovely rider! I enjoy the action photos of your Icelandic horses. The “trainer of the day” looks as if she takes her job very seriously…and rightfully so!

  3. Linda

    Wonderful, wonderful Iacs! And I admire that relationship Daisy has with him; that’s really, really special in my book!!
    Also, I could be wrong, but is there a tamed animal out there, who wouldn’t put food before everything? I mean, that’s why bribes work so well… 😉

  4. Sam

    So BeAnne was a trainer because Iacs would nibble on the Haggis? I do love his Handsome Prince face with the silly frilly. And Daisy is lovely to see on a horse.


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