Happy Burns Night to everyone.

Is this a haggis?  Have we sighted a rare wee beastie?

And then the haggis sat down and we all saw who she was.  I promise she does have the full complement of legs!

Her Maj!  BeAnne Duvet who has made a full recovery from her awful spinal disc thing last autumn.  I thank the Gods for this.  She is my precious and, well, I can’t even think about the what-ifs to be honest.  It makes me cry.

BeAnne still follows me everywhere and I mean everywhere!

Meanwhile, Daisy was having a riding lesson in the school from her trainer, Bjørn Roar Larsen.

First she rode Taktur, her Icelandic stallion. Taktur was not being easy – tölt is not a natural gait for him – but Daisy managed very well and they both worked hard.


And then next up was Kappi, her Icelandic gelding.  He is going beautifully in training.  It is lovely to watch.  Haakon and I do not even pretend to achieve these things.


While they all worked their butts off – they walked, trotted, cantered and tölted around the school – I watched with my small canine attachment.

Always there.  Not going anywhere unless I go somewhere. Yes, even there!

8 thoughts on “Haggis!

  1. robin

    Oh, and the looks I get when I’m sans clothing in the shower! It’s quite disturbing! “QUIT LOOKING AT ME, TEDDY!!!!!”

  2. louise Stopford

    She is a sweet looking little dog for sure. What breed is she and I was wondering about her name “BeAnne” – is it Scottish?

    1. Frances Post author

      BeAnne is a Patterdale terrier of the old hairy variety.

      Her name is derived from her original name – Bean. It evolved into BeAnne Duvet!

  3. Sam

    We all should be so lucky as to have a walking Haggis in our life. I have two Floofy Maine Coon cats who wander on and off a lap even if a lap has not been presented yet.


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