The Other Day

These are the photos from yesterday and are for illustration purposes only!

T’other day, Daisy and I arrived at Leradale to check everyone and to feed Delia (this was before she moved back home) only to find Dreki outwith his field.

The others were standing supportively in their field nearby, but Dreki had got over the fence.

I have no idea how he did it or where he got over but he did and he seemed pretty unphased about it.

But how to get him back?

We didn’t have any carrots or a headcollar  (stupid, stupid me) but we did have Delia’s pink bucket.

Dreki has never been fed from a bucket in his life.  I doubt he actually knows what one is.

But he does know that everyone wants it.

So I showed him the bucket and called him over to follow me.

I didn’t expect this method to work.

Why should it?

But Dreki was happy to leave the others, his Mum, his step-Mum and his sister and dutifully follow me.

I was very surprised (and happy).

Daisy opened the field gate nice and wide and Dreki walked through, and then ran down to talk to the Minions to tell them all about his Big Adventure.

All Daisy and I could think was thank the Gods it wasn’t Lilja because she would’ve been a complete and utter twunt!

I guess all that Mr Headcollar training has sunk in, even if we didn’t have one when we actually needed it.

Well done Dreki.  Boy done good.


3 thoughts on “The Other Day

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Only funny because I’m sitting in a warm, comfy room with a blanket over me! Good for Dreki (and for all of you). MMR

  2. Linda

    Lookss like Dreki wanted to make a family visit – and where there’s a will, there’s a way…
    And then he was ready to go back to his friends; glad all went (so) well. 🙂

  3. Sam

    Drekki has come to understand that happily complying with the humans means lovely yummies and love. It looks like he too will have a Silly Frilly!


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