Back to Mud

It was like this yesterday.

Truly beautiful.  Shetland at its best and I took these pics while I went for my daily walk with BeAnne.

Crisp, clear and no wind.  Beautiful light.

And then overnight we had rain and the temperature went up by about 9 degrees – from minus 2 up to 7 degrees Celsius so all the snow, that covered up the filthy mud that is everywhere, has melted and water is running off the hills, flooding the burn and subsquently the fields.

We also have sheet ice remaining which is very tiresome as well as lethal.  I hate the ice.

The horses are looking glum.  Probably because when there was snow, they were fed twice a day.

Without the snow, however, although they have a good pile of silage each, it is only once a day – in the morning.

Some are more resourceful than the others.

Some *** cough *** Hjalti (again), try to get the silage from over the fence.  Luckily Sgt Major Soufflé is on duty and takes a very dim view of this entrepreneur-ness.

Luckily we have an indoor school so those that want to ride, can keep going.  Bjørn was training Daisy and Kappi and then Daisy and Taktur.  There was the usual “help”.

I do admire Daisy – she still has her riding mojo.

Mine has vanished at the moment.

3 thoughts on “Back to Mud

  1. Louise Stopford

    Stunning photo’s of the snow … but as you say, back to mud. I feel sorry for the horses and ponies when it is so muddy. It’s a bit like that in Cheshire with all the rain. Can’t even walk on the grass it just instantly turns to mud. I remember when I had my pony (many moons ago) we used to have to brush their legs to get all the dried mud off to stop them getting some kind of disease (can’t remember what it was called now). Roll on Spring, hopefully it is just around the corner and everyone will be a bit cheerier and I am sure your inspiration to ride again will return.


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