Digging In the Snow

Even though Delia has come home, I still go over every day to check each horse or pony at Leradale.

Today I took Flossie and a bag of carrots.

The ponies all came stomping over.

Each taking their time and in no particular rush (you can almost hear Tiddles humming his happy tune to himself).

Everyone knows they will all get their fair share of carrots.  That is a given.

While I was happy pottering about taking photos, Flossie was busy being everyone’s best friend.

I love it the way my daughters understand the importance of going round to each pony to talk to them (or nose kissey).

Fivla was Flossie’s Shetland pony when she was little – they have always been very happy in each other’s company.

Leradale is a huge field.  There is grass if you look for it.  It is interesting to see that now Delia has left, the herd are keener on wandering around.  I expect she slowed them down sometimes.

I kept hearing this scratching noise and found it was the Shetland ponies digging for their food.

They all did it – using a front hoof to scrape the snow away revealing the grass underneath.

This is how ponies survive the winter.

Clever ponios.

We left them to it – digging away in the Shetland winter sunshine.  The scenery may look pretty but the ground is frozen.

3 thoughts on “Digging In the Snow

  1. May

    I hope Delia and everyone is doing okay. At least each day is getting a tiny bit longer (in the Northern hemisphere).

  2. Carol E

    Oh yummy, a special winter treat: frozen grass! (Brrr). I am glad for central heating. Nice to sw you are getting bits of sun. Please kiss some Noseys for me.


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