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Last night Jack had a very strange turn.  He got lost.  He goes out about 100 times an evening into the garden and always comes in without being asked.  OH came rushing in, just as the night turned to shit (weather-wise) and said Jack had gone.  The garden is well fenced.  It was pitch dark so we donned coats and grabbed torches. I took BeAnne with me and we searched everywhere we could think of.  Nothing.  Then OH shouted that he had seen Jack in the surrounding field so we clambered over and searched.  Nothing – he had disappeared again.  I was getting frantic. This was not a night to be out in let alone lost.  Another shout and OH did a rugby tackle and grabbed Jack who was wandering around completely oblivious of us.  He carried him into the house, towelled him down and we all breathed a sigh of relief.  This wandering behaviour is so unlike Jack that I think he must’ve had an aberration.


Apparently, Jack now goes out and comes straight back in.  So perhaps he gave himself a fright too.


I use this weather forecast website – (insert specific location). Today, it said at 12.00 there would be a gale and rain.

It was 10-ish, beautifully calm and sunny but, for once, I believed what was in store.  I took the dogs out for 3 walks (one short one for Jack who is even more slow, one in the fields for Loki and BeAnne and then one in my small 5 acre croft to evict some errant hill sheep.)

Feeling virtuous, I went home and as the clock struck 12.00, someone started pressure-washing my house with wind and rain.

Anyway, here are some photos of summer. I was going through my back catalogue and making space. I took no photos from today.  It is too vile out there again.  I hope Jack doesn’t go for another wander.  My nerves can’t stand it.

BN2A2576 BN2A2677  BN2A5483 L1030085   L1030858 L1030888 L1040074 L1070519 L1070842 L1070920 L1080413 L1080414

8 thoughts on “The Most Accurate Weather Forecast

  1. Tuula

    I really like your blog – need to read it every day!
    So good you found Jack! I have also had old ladies who just walked away. Needed younger dog and a headlight to get them back home.
    I tried your Norwegian weather website. It gives quite accurate forecast for me also. I live in southern Finland with my shetland ponies.


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