My New Assistant

I am enjoying my new found freedom so I drove over to Sandness to see how the boys were getting on.  Upon opening the car door at home, Loki hopped in leaving BeAnne speechless with rage.  She went back indoors and sulked.  So I left her there and off we drove together.


There is a good pile of grass in the new field and the ponies are all doing their level best to make a clean plate.

BN2A5175 BN2A5176 BN2A5178

This is Charles Buttons Esq’s mad face.


Andy, his older brother, is more sardonic.  This is his “been there, seen it, but my little brother is an idiot” sort of face.


IndyPingPong and Hammy are at the other end of the field. There are still obvious factions.


I think Hammy is as tall as Indy is wide.  I need to measure them.

BN2A5190 BN2A5191

So, having seen the boys, I made a very rash decision – to go to the beach to for a potter.  I love Sandness beach.  Loki and I were the only ones there and it was cold, the sea was roaring and the light magical.

BN2A5199 BN2A5204 BN2A5205 BN2A5212

Loki’s behaviour was surprisingly exemplary.  This is not his first time on the beach and we usually resort to putting him on a lead when he tests all the boundaries and our nerves.  Everytime he looked towards the sand dunes, I called him down and that was all we needed.  He even came back to me when asked.  He seemed far more connected and focussed.

BN2A5226 BN2A5227

On the way back, he left the beach before me and I wondered whether that was him gone, but no, there he was waiting for me by my little car.


I am sure we were being watched.


I feel we have turned a corner.  Next, to work on Her Maj’s Olympic style sulking.  She is not the forgiving type and no doubt I will be sulked at until formal apologies have been made.  At present, she is lying under my desk sleeping resentfully at me.

(some photos on the way home)

BN2A5254  BN2A5266

3 thoughts on “My New Assistant

  1. Sam

    Perhaps Her Majesty needed this lurker sneaking into her car to remind her just how good she really has it? So nice to see Loki running BACK to you!


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