Snow Today

I am so pleased I moved everyone last night.  This morning we had a sprimpling of snow and it is bitterly cold.


My herd are happy enough stuffing their faces and I watched Klængur walking.  He is much better. I still went down to dish out some bread and his Danilon sarnie.


No one needs a rug.  No one is shaking with cold.  I am not worried about them. All is good.

L1050479 L1050454

This herd is very happy and settled.  It did not take long and if they are relaxed in the field, hopefully they will be relaxed when they come to work. I can ride in January apparently.

L1050483 L1050462L1050498 

I am walking as much as I can now.  The ice is treacherous so I have to be careful, but once gone, I will be back out notching up the miles with BeAnne.


A Me Update – I am finally off all my painkillers. It has been a solitary struggle but I am very pleased with my achievement.  This next period until January will be used to regain my brain (what’s left) as well as my fitness.  I am going to start having flute lessons as I miss playing.  I am very excited about this and will dig out and dust off my beloved Rudall Carte & Co wooden flute to see if I can get a note out of it.  It has been a while as, when my back was going, I could not manage anything and stopped. I had been playing regularly in a local orchestra.  No doubt Loki will hate it – Celt used to howl in tune and BeAnne thinks I am in pain and starts worrying. Everyone should stay well away!


Anywho, here are some pics of the vegetation/ice sculptures in the hill today.  I only walk in the hill with a stick and my ankle strapped up still.  I cannot undo the good work of my surgeon.

L1050446 L1050435 L1050427 L1050421

2 thoughts on “Snow Today

  1. Karen

    Glad you are feeling so much better and January will soon be here. Inspired by your photography, I took my camera out with me to take some shots on the walk back from the chemist this morning…no snow but a beautiful bright frosty morning. Got a wonderful pair of trees in the view finder with gorgeous yellow leaves fluttering gently down and thought…wow this will make a lovely arty photo. Pressed the shutter and zilch ….the b#???y batteries were too low and my spares were at home.


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