The Morning Routine

This is the view from my bedroom window first thing.  Not too shabby really.

My morning routine consists of something like this….

I get all the sheep into the big stable for their breakfast (in case they need to stay there – it is a good habit to have).  7 bowls out for 6 sheep.

While Lambie has his own private speshul bowl – I have to stand guard for him against potential marauders like ‘Ster or ‘Bert.

Leaving the sheep in the shed, once Lambie has said he’s finished, I put together five buckets of food (all different except for the girls who get the same) and lug them over to their field where everyone is waiting.

I stand with Haakon (again guarding his bucket for him) listening to the quiet munching and admire the amazing scenery and light.

I have taken to popping 5 carrots in my pocket so that those with less (Sóley and Lilja who only get a smidge for the sake of it), don’t come and hassle Haakon who has more to eat. I see it as not dissimilar to protection money for the Mob.

Buckets finished, removed, carrot payments made, I walk back home, wash the buckets in the stream (think of the last scene of The Jungle Book and yes, I do hum the tune the girl sings).  Then off to find the sheep and to put them, horror of horrors, into a field!

If there is time, there may be sheep hugging.  As you can see, Harrel is almost a grown-up now and definitely one of the lads.

And I haven’t even had breakfast!

8 thoughts on “The Morning Routine

  1. Sam

    Of the 7 sheep bowls – who gets the 7th one? And here i thought being awakened at 5am by Little Miss Maine Coon’s Operatic Aria was hard….As for the Carrot bribes for the Mob – I use them to keep 3 Spanish Water Dogs from stealing my dinner. Keep a small bowl of slices to be distributed over the length of dinner. Do I look like an idiot tossing carrots in the air? Yes, but I get to clean my plate without help.

  2. jacqueline slavich

    I could / should write every day to say thank you for your posting as it ensures I start each day with a laugh. Here in New Zealand, it arrives in time for me to read with my breakfast, hence the good start to the day. I love your sense of humour and your honesty with the ups and downs of life. Your photography skills are amazing and I just love the colours in your landscape. Please know that even though you may not hear from your readers, we are out there loving you and your family and your contribution to our lives. Many many thanks

  3. Linda

    Frances: you should make different sized copies of that first photo, frame them and sell them next to your sheeples! What a beautiful reminder for people visiting – and maybe even those who live there.
    (I’d title it “Pastoral”

  4. diane in northern wis

    Aww….I like your morning routine….bet you’re tired by the time that’s done. All your critters are so special. Hope you get some hugs in along the way. Along with the carrots and bowls of food.


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