Irritation, thy name is Storm and possibly Albie

Daisy and I went up to the Minions’ field to “do feet”.  It is neverending for obvious reasons.

While Daisy worked her magic on Newt, I was in charge of the front end.  I also had to hold the bag of hoof trimming equipment to keep it out of the way of prying minds and teeth. They had already scattered the contents around the field once.

Storm, and his little friend, then proceeded to be very irritating.

One friend, Albie.

An eternal irritation.

Silver was “helpful”.  I won’t let them nibble or get in the way – that’s not fair on Daisy who is doing all the work.

Then it was Fivla’s turn for her hoof trim.

Of course, she was a stoic and a sweetheart.

She put up with a lot from Albie.

This time it was Newt’s turn to supervise – well, it’s always good to have an expert on hand or hoof, depending on your perspective.

I shoo’ed them all away and told them to “get a job”.

“Seriously, a job?”

So they annoyed each other instead.  Well, that’s a job, I guess!

2 thoughts on “Irritation, thy name is Storm and possibly Albie

  1. Sam

    Guess Storm look ed thru Newt’s Overly Large Book of Revenge to find a new job title of “Head Annoyer of Mum”.


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